Universal Proteon from Healthy Options

Every hero needs their source of energy, myself included. On a busy day, where I can barely find time to prepare or even buy my food, my stomach can’t afford to keep quiet and it would rumble endlessly. Although my tummy would cry, I refuse to eat junk which is pretty much the most accessible type of food everywhere. I try to be as strict as I can with what I eat and follow a high protein – low carb diet. That means eating more meat and cutting of my bread, pasta and rice.

Just randomly, I came across Healthy Options in Greenbelt 5 and saw Universal Proteon (Php 147.00). It has a promising 31 grams of protein in it which caught my attention. Even more, it is double peanut butter flavor. Who doesn’t love peanut butter, right? I tried to squeeze it to have an idea how a bite would feel. With what I felt, I suspected that it would be like chewing on a Mars chocolate bar.

I did not buy it right there and then. I went online and read some reviews about it. I read pretty good reviews saying how much protein you would get from it. They even say that with its size and contents, it could already serve as a meal. Nutritional facts are really good.

Universal Proteon 1

Just yesterday, I went to Healthy Options in SM Megamall. I tried to take a second look and realized that it has 433 calories in it. That gave me second thoughts as I am also trying to shy away from high calories. I am pretty unsure if that amount of calories can be justified with the amount of protein I will be getting from it. I bought two bars, anyway.

The same day, around 8:00PM, I am stuck in an errand and didn’t see any chance of being able to grab a decent dinner. And so I tried my very first Universal Nutrition Hi-Protein Bar.

Univeral Proteon 2

The first few bites were okay. It was tougher and drier than what I expected. Though it says double peanut butter, I my taste buds seem to fail finding that taste. Halfway through, it started to taste really bland and I would not want to finish it anymore. I had to force myself up to the last bite and kept on telling myself that it is protein content that counts. I finished it with a help of few cups of water.

The taste wasn’t really bad at all. However, it wasn’t good for me either which made it difficult to finish. I just had to feel fortunate for buying two bars instead of five which was my original plan. I do not see myself buying this anymore. Not because it won’t do any good for me but only because the product doesn’t taste good for me. I know that trying to keep myself in shape and healthy isn’t an easy road to take. However, I still believe that there’s a much less torturing way than this protein bar. I would just resort back to drinking my whey protein which is much more cheaper and tolerable.

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