Uncle John’s Fried Chicken

Uncle John Fried Chicken 1
Chicken Joy, Chicken McDo, Kentucky Fried Chicken – these are the all-time favorites in the Philippines when we talk about fried chicken. Who wouldn’t love that crispy and juicy chicken by Jollibee and McDonalds? These are popular choices for kids. And who wouldn’t want to take a bite on that savory KFC original recipe friend chicken? But these three have to share the battle arena with another player – Uncle John.

Uncle John Fried Chicken 2
Uncle John’s Fried Chicken is available in Ministop branches. I would say that this is one of the best friend chicken out there sold the fastfood way. Or should I say the convenience store way. The caption on the carton is not misleading. It’s BIG! It’s HOT! More than anything else, it is tasty! Many people agree with me on this. My friends from school and work loves this too! Although sometimes, I find it salty. Must be some sort of mood swings, eh? But generally, it tastes perfect. It is also the crispiest fried chicken I ever had.

Uncle John Fried Chicken 3
On the other hand, this is not that juicy which makes me prefer it among others. It gives me the thinking that it is less fatty. Is it, though? The chicken meat is really good to partner with gravy or ketchup. A two-piece fried chicken meal costs Php 105.00. Yes, it’s cheap and they have big portions. If you happen to crave for fried chicken, give this a shot! Let me know if you like it too or not.

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