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This blog is solely owned by Mr. Marvin De Gracia. He is a graduate of De La Salle University-Manila with a degree in Applied Corporate Management. Currently, he pursuing graduate studies in De La Salle University – Graduate School of Business to have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He has over three years of work experience in various competitive industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, management consultancy, and technology.

The Seventh Hero

The Seventh Hero started as a fitness and travel blog. On July 13, 2014, the sole owner and author of this blog realized that there is more to offer to the readers. While everyone seems to be interested in a healthy and luxurious lifestyle, the author thinks that it is also important to help the readers achieve such experience. How? By not only being a healthy individual but also a wealthy person. Officially, this blog is now about health and wealth. The author intends to help its readers to realize that it is not impossible to for everyone to experience life at its best. There is no excuse to be both healthy and wealthy.

The Beast and The Foodie

I call myself The Beast because I go on rage whenever I hit the fitness gym. Of course, I also call myself The Foodie because of my passion to taste, create, and experience good food around the world. I only throw gastroballs and shoot junketbeams. Those are some food from here and there coupled with foot prints from time to time. That’s my super power. To make my victims crave for good food and itch for travel.

The Educator

We can all be wealthy together by thinking about the future and using our money well. I want to give advises to the readers on how they can fully utilize the potential of their money. People love to shop. I personally do, too. New shoes, new bags, new clothes, etc. However, shopping for these will take your money away and these things will rot sooner or later, too. Why don’t you shop to become richer? Yes, that’s possible by shopping for investments that will secure your and your family’s future. You do not only secure the future, you also become wealthier.

There nothing much to say about me. Just go through my blog entries from here on and know me through them. Don’t forget to drop comments, too.

Let’s battle with against villains together, shall we?

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