Take a Break When the Rain Falls


No matter how optimistic one can be, life is never a bed of roses. Rain can start pouring anytime. Sometimes you can barely feel it but sometimes every torrent pierces harshly. When that happens, it can be extremely stressful, lonely and painful. But just like time that never goes back, we should learn to carry on and to forge forward. But how do we continue living when everything seems to be in shade?

One thing I learned is that we, humans, need to take a break. Taking a break does not mean stopping. Rather, it means that we should live in the present. Inhale that fresh air and feel the morning sun. Recognize the small things around you and appreciate them. It could be someone who held the door for you, or that Starbucks barista who put a smiley on your cup. Stop worrying about the pressure that the future brings, the criticisms that other people speak, and the fear that stirs up in your head.

If you feel that you need more time, step out of your room and go on an adventure. Explore. Take it from me, whenever I go to new places, whether within the country or abroad, I┬ásee amazing things that I never imagined. I have seen heroic people, new kinds of animals, intriguing rituals, unique fashion statements and a lot of new friends. On top of those, you will learn more about yourself. When you go somewhere outside your comfort zone, that is when your most genuine self starts to show. You will start realizing things like how you deal with people who are foreign to you. You may also find your natural interests – just like when you see yourself hunting for museums or architectures, or maybe you end up trying as much local food as you can. Want to test your physical and mental limits? Climb a mountain and explore nature.

Traveling forces you to refocus your attention to better things in life. Soon enough, you will realize that you created your own shade when you were too focused on negative thoughts. Just the same, you can create your own light with a positive experience and outlook. Now, go out and let nothing dull your shine!

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