Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya

Yakiniku has been around the country for quite some time already and the fad has not died a bit. People who goes to these smokeless grills have their own reasons. Some fancy the act of grilling food on the table while some are attracted to this healthier option. The popular yakiniku restaurants usually have eat-all-you-can buffet setup.

Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya

Last weekend I found out of the quality yakiniku in the Metro – Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya. This one is located at the second level of Mall of Asia, facing the sea.

They have a wide variety of choices from different kinds of meat to all sorts of flavors. As I go through their heavy menu, I saw that they actually offer eat-all-you-can, too. That is Php 599.00 per person and it comes with bottomless iced tea. Since it was my first time there and I am not particularly familiar with everything else in their menu, I gave it a shot.

Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya 2

The offer comes with a platter of beef, pork, chicken, cuttle fish, squid rolls, sausage, shrimp, salad, sancyu, kimuchi, namuru, and rice. Upon ordering, the server notified us that they have time limit for the eat-all-you-can offer. They give their customers one hour and thirty minutes which is a pretty reasonable time.

This restaurant isn’t buffet-style. When you finish a platter, you just get their attention and ask for another platter. Just make sure to specify how much you want. Of course, just like any other eat-all-you-can, they have the no leftovers policy on the second and succeeding platter that you request for. For the first platter, you can just let them be especially if you don’t like it. They won’t charge you for it. I remember not finishing the cuttlefish and squid rolls but was able to ask for more beef.

Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya 3

This yakiniku is a good find. The only negative comment I could give is the poor ventilation. I have not checked the other areas, but the area were at stayed was warm to the point that it made me sweat. Value for money is awesome and the staff are pleasant.

They have another branch in One Rockwell. I hope they put up more branches since Mall of Asia is always crowded and finding a cab in this area is stressful.

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