Snacking on Doughnut & Grapes

Grapes and Doughnut

I found these on the fridge when I was looking for something to eat. According to some sources I found online, doughnuts were used to be called ‘olykoeks’ which is a Dutch word that means ‘oily cakes’. While it doesn’t look like very nutritious, volunteer girls fed doughnuts to hungry American soldiers during World War I. Interesting, yeah?

Enough with doughnuts and let’s talk about grapes. Grapes are berries that increases the levels of nitric acid. With that, it helps minimizing chances of heart attacks by preventing blood clots. It can also alleviate fatigue, migraine and kidney illnesses. While there are many benefits of eating grapes, consuming it too much can have laxative effect which can either be beneficial or disadvantageous.


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Choco-Banana-Berry Smoothie

This is just one of my random post-workout drink. I usually mix together whatever is available in the kitchen for as long as its healthy and tasty. Feel free to critique this recipe. That would be great!

I used my usual shaker cup to mix all the ingredients together. Also, don’t forget the blender ball to help incorporating everything well. This one is very easy to do. Just put everything into the shaker cup. For the banana, have it mashed really well or it’ll not blend well together and get stuck inside the cup.

You may want to add a piece or two of ice cubes if you fail to chill your milk and yogurt. If you add some, make sure to keep on shaking until the cubes are completely melted. Additionally, if you want to protein in there, add some fresh egg whites. I do not personally like it just because of the risk of acquiring Salmonella.

Chocolate Soymilk
Strawberry Yogurt
Ice (optional)
Egg white (optional)

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