Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

Looking for some Filipino cuisine? You’ll never go wrong with Sarsa Kitchen + Bar which you can find in SM Mall of Asia. My entire experience was exquisite. The place was wonderfully designed and menu was well-curated. My hat is off to Chef JP Anglo for putting up such a lovely place.

The Seventh Hero - Crispy Squid in Milk

Crispy Squid in Milk (Php 360.00). Way more than just your typical calamares. My first bite – even without the dip – was sensational. The seasoning was perfect for fried squid. The coating was crispy and the squid was tender. I chewed it effortlessly. My colleague, who dined with me here, would confirm that to you.

The Seventh Hero - Sarsa Kare-kare

Sarsa Kare-Kare (Php 360.00). Kare-kare is a classic Filipino dish. Shame on Filipino restaurants who mess up with it. Sarsa Kare-Kare was one of a kind. The sauce was separated for the beef and vegetables. What I like about this style of serving Kare-kare is the appreciation that you will have in every portion of the dish. The beef was so tender and tasty, the vegetables were fresh and crunchy, and the sauce was thick and full of flavors. Combining everything was an adventure in my mouth.

The Seventh Hero - Tortang Talong with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti

Tortang Talong with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti (Php 210.00). This was a leveled-up version of Tortang Talong. The Kesong Puti gave an interesting blend to this. However, I barely recognized the crispy sardines. If I have not reviewed the name of the dish, I would not even know that there was sardines on it. Nonetheless, this was still a good pick. Next time I visit, I would probably try their Bugtaw-Bugtaw (Gising-Gising) instead.

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Moonshine P.U.B. x Public Urban Bar – Ortigas

The Seventh Hero - Angus Beef Sisig & Pizza

 Angus Beef Sisig (Php 400.00) & Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Pizza (Php 420.00)

Angus Beef Sisig brought our very own dish to the next level. It was just so rich in flavor, taste and texture. I will surely have it again on my next visit.

The Seventh Hero - Burger

 Lad’s Brekky Burger (Php 450.00)

This was a shame of a burger lover like me. The patty did not have enough taste and juiciness. The buns were burnt to bitterness. The fries was cold like it was served yesterday. It looked good but it was the worst choice to get. Definitely was not worth the price.

The Seventh Hero - DIY Smores

 DIY S’mores (Php 190.00)

I fancied how creative this setup was. That tin can was actually a little bonfire to roast the mallow. While this was just mallows, crackers and bits of chocolates, it was very enjoyable.

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