Chicken Plate + Chest & Bicep Day – 20140503

It’s weekend! There’s no better way to start weekend than having a good breakfast. I had grilled chicken and some greens with soy milk. Just enough to give me energy for pumping some iron.

Grilled Chicken & Veggies

It’s a very simple yet healthy meal. I actually bought a bag of mixed greens at the groceries just to save myself some time from having to thoroughly cleanse and cut. For the chicken, you may opt to cook it yourself or just buy it too. There’s no excuse for not eating healthy (supposedly).

This is how my workout went:

Chest Press: 25lbs each x 12 x 3
21 Barbell Curls: 20lbs x 3
Inclined Chest Press: 35lbs each x 12 x 3 (failed)
Hammer Curls 15lbs x 12 x 3
Bicep Curls Inflight 70lbs each x 12 x 3
Butterfly 70lbs x 12 x 3
Dumbbell Pullover 30lbs x 12 x 3
Suspended Push Ups 12 x 3

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Chest and Biceps Day – 20140430

I finally had a chance to pump some iron again after three days. It was my chest and biceps day.

I rushed home after office hours hoping that I get decent enough time to workout. When I got home, I ate roasted chicken and rice quickly and dressed up for gym.

To give my stomach some time to settle, I walked for about 15 minutes and did some stretching after.

All-in-all, I went for a simple workout plan. Around four workouts for the chest with 12-15 reps x 3 sets. I used dumbbells and some machines. I haven’t really started using barbells yet on my own. My trainer usually spots me on barbells. I feel weak that way.

For biceps, I started with three sets of 21-Workout follows by some variety of curls workout.

After workout, I drank Vitamilk Choco Shake.

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