Gab’s Good Grubs

Gab’s Good Grubs is a hidden gem along Mabini Street in Poblacion, Makati City. The place is a very simple mom and pop restaurant. It is not an air-conditioned place and definitely nothing too fancy apart from their food.

Gab's Good Grub - Burger Fries

Love cheese? For just Php 99.0, this Burger Fries is a total winner. It has generous amount of cheese and big slices of onion rings.

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8 Cuts Burger Blends – Bar Burger

The Seventh Hero - 8cut Bar Burger

8 Cuts Burger Blends is definitely one of my favorite burger places. I usually get their classics but I thought of trying something else this time – Bar Burger. It cost me Php315.00 for a quarter pound of patty. What made it different is obviously the onion tanglers that crowns the patty. That crunchiness added some exciting texture to the burger.

I am adding this on my recommended list for 8 Cuts Burger Blends. However, I noticed that their patty was less juicy than the previous ones that I had. It’s probably healthier this way but it affects the taste and texture of the patty – and the looks, too. I missed the juiciness that drips from the patty to the buns to the plate in every slice I had. Perhaps I forgot to tell them to have it done medium rare.

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Moonshine P.U.B. x Public Urban Bar – Ortigas

The Seventh Hero - Angus Beef Sisig & Pizza

 Angus Beef Sisig (Php 400.00) & Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Pizza (Php 420.00)

Angus Beef Sisig brought our very own dish to the next level. It was just so rich in flavor, taste and texture. I will surely have it again on my next visit.

The Seventh Hero - Burger

 Lad’s Brekky Burger (Php 450.00)

This was a shame of a burger lover like me. The patty did not have enough taste and juiciness. The buns were burnt to bitterness. The fries was cold like it was served yesterday. It looked good but it was the worst choice to get. Definitely was not worth the price.

The Seventh Hero - DIY Smores

 DIY S’mores (Php 190.00)

I fancied how creative this setup was. That tin can was actually a little bonfire to roast the mallow. While this was just mallows, crackers and bits of chocolates, it was very enjoyable.

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8 Cuts – Mall of Asia

A friend and I planned a catch up night in 8 Cuts – Mall of Asia. I did not have any idea that it is a sister company of Burger Bar (which by far, is my favorite burger place) until we reached the place. Everything looks and feels similar with its sister company from the interiors, to the plating, and even to the menu. 8 Cuts - Mall of Asia   We both had The Cheese Burger (Php 195.00) which had 1/4lbs of beef patty and BurgerBar’s original house dressing. We upgraded our meals to throw in a can of Coke Zero and Skinny Fries for Php 90.00. The service was quite fast and the staff were very pleasant, too. Though almost everyone says that it is just similar to Burger Bar, I have to disagree. The patty I had was too oily to the point that oil overpowers the taste of the beef. I don’t remember having the same extreme oily feeling while dining in Burger Bar. Nonetheless, I still recommend this burger place. It’s worth the try!

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Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

Teddy's Bigger Burgers

Before watching Big Hero 6, we decided to have a quick snack at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers in Greenbelt, Makati. The place was a bit cramped but we declined to take a seat outside. Luckily, a table was vacated few minutes after we came in.

I ordered for a medium cooked Teddy’s Original Burger that comes with some french fries and iced tea (PHP 365.00). Given the price, I expected so much since I tasted really good burgers that were even cheaper. However, I would say that their burger was just okay. It wasn’t bad at all but it wasn’t really good either. It surely was big but it lacked taste and juiciness for me. Perhaps, if the price was lower, I would recommend it.

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Call the Nurse – Burgers & Brewskies

Call the Nurse - Burgers & Brewskies


It is a Friday that I have been waiting for because my colleagues scheduled a night out. Our first stop was Burgers & Brewskies which is located at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City.

Given its name, you would already know what to expect – burgers! I have been in this place for several times already and I have been ordering the same thing. I ordered for a Mac and cheese burger called Call the Nurse and bottle of Stella Artois. Burger and beer always work together for me.

Call the Nurse cost me PHP 290.00 and it’s definitely worth it. It has 1/3 lb 100% imported beef patty topped with honey Sriracha Bacon and seared mac and cheese as shown in the photo. The patty was really tender and but not as juicy as the patties of Burger Bar. Nonetheless, I recommend this place to those who would have a chance to go to Burgos Circle.

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Burger Bar, Greenbelt 2

Who wouldn’t like to devour this double patty burger, right? Matched with those fries and onion rings, perfection. The patty was so juicy that it was dripping from my hands. And before I forget, throw in a few bottles of beer (kids, with parents’ consent!) to make that dining experience complete. Too had I’m shying away from beer lately.

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