Suspension Training 20140425

Today’s training wasn’t really exhausting compared to my previous weight lifting sessions. I went through a full body suspension training. I thought it would be really exhausting but maybe my trainer just did not want to shock my body with hardcore suspension workouts.

The Workout

20140425 Warm-up

As usual, I started by doing 10-minute cardio on elliptical bike to warm-up. The workout was pretty simple. It requires TRX or RIP60. These are the widely known suspension workout gear brands. Each workout was done for a minute followed by thirty seconds or a minute of rest.

If I remember it right, there were at least a couple of workouts per body part.

Post-Workout Meal

I was advised by my trainer to consume more vegetables to flatten my abdomen. With that advice, I munched on some fruits and veggie mix that I bought in a nearby convenient store. I just coupled it with my favorite soya milk drink, Vitamilk.

20140425 Post-Workout Meal

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