Project Pie, Bluebay Walk

I know I’m not one of the firsts to try this out. In fact, probably one of the lasts to be here. Nonetheless, I think it’s worth sharing.

It’s my first time to try Project Pie after all the fad about it. I, truly, am not disappointed for trying it out. No question, the pizza was great. It’s your pick if you want to choose from their standard menu and customize it or totally invent your own pizza. For the price of Php 285.00, they provide you with whatever toppings you want.

We got two pizzas. For the first one, we chose Number 2 from their menu which has their signature red sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, Italian sausage, garlic, and crumbled meatballs. The second pizza was Number 3 with additional grilled chicken.

Project Pie Bluebay Walk

On top of quality pizza, I like how the servers treat the customers. They were all so friendly and lively. I hope they stay that way because it builds a good ambiance.

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