Outback, Alabang Town Center

Outback Bread

Outback’s free dark brown bread served with butter. The best free bread I had so far. I could stuff myself with this bread alone and feel satisfied! Let me know if you know how this bread is called.

Outback Baby Back Ribs Slow Roasted Prime Rib

Half slab of Baby Back Ribs with fries and Slow Roasted Prime Rib with veggies and mashed potato. As expected, the tenderness and taste was great. I fell in love with the dip that goes with the Slow Roasted Prime Rib. Definitely high quality food but it came with premium price too. Had green mango shake for drinks which also had excellent taste. I find it somewhat difficult to catch the best green mango shake out there but surely Outback’s is one of the leads. Cost me around Php 2,750.00 for everything you see above.

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