Kogi Bulgogi, Promenade

Kogi Bulgogi

Starters. Really good starters.

Kogi Bulgogi Bulgogi

Kogi Bulgogi. The meat was a bit tough and taste is okay. I find it too pricey for such a very simple meal and below satisfactory taste.

Kogi Bulgogi Chicken Bibimbap

Chicken Bibimbap. Do not get deceived by the presentation. The wooden box truly made the presentation new to the eyes. However, this one had a lot of rice in it yet very short ingredients. I barely tasted the chicken. It was like eating fried rice. I discourage this order because its pricey and poor in quality.

Overall, with the orders above, I did not really enjoy my first time. I would not bring my friends there unless someone tells me that I just made the wrong orders. One thing that’s nice about this restaurant is the interiors. The place looks clean and pleasing with interesting designs on its innermost wall. The chairs and couch were pretty comfortable, too! What do you think?


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