Chest & Biceps 20140507

I got off early from work but traffic in Manila ate up so much of my time. This left me with less than an hour to workout.

Chest Press: 30lbs each x 12 x 3
21 Barbell Curls: 20lbs x 3
Inclined Chest Press: 35lbs each x 12 x 3
Hammer Curls 15lbs x 12 x 3
Cable Flies 40lbs each x 12 x 3
Butterfly 70lbs x 12 x 3

Although this is shorter than my usual workout chest and biceps workout, it felt actually right. I was able to add 5lbs to my chest press. My inclined chest press also got improvements.

My 21 barbell curls started to feel right too.

All in all, my chest and arms are starting to develop muscle memory giving me the right squeeze and contraction.

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Uncle John’s Fried Chicken

Uncle John Fried Chicken 1
Chicken Joy, Chicken McDo, Kentucky Fried Chicken – these are the all-time favorites in the Philippines when we talk about fried chicken. Who wouldn’t love that crispy and juicy chicken by Jollibee and McDonalds? These are popular choices for kids. And who wouldn’t want to take a bite on that savory KFC original recipe friend chicken? But these three have to share the battle arena with another player – Uncle John.

Uncle John Fried Chicken 2
Uncle John’s Fried Chicken is available in Ministop branches. I would say that this is one of the best friend chicken out there sold the fastfood way. Or should I say the convenience store way. The caption on the carton is not misleading. It’s BIG! It’s HOT! More than anything else, it is tasty! Many people agree with me on this. My friends from school and work loves this too! Although sometimes, I find it salty. Must be some sort of mood swings, eh? But generally, it tastes perfect. It is also the crispiest fried chicken I ever had.

Uncle John Fried Chicken 3
On the other hand, this is not that juicy which makes me prefer it among others. It gives me the thinking that it is less fatty. Is it, though? The chicken meat is really good to partner with gravy or ketchup. A two-piece fried chicken meal costs Php 105.00. Yes, it’s cheap and they have big portions. If you happen to crave for fried chicken, give this a shot! Let me know if you like it too or not.

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Universal Proteon from Healthy Options

Every hero needs their source of energy, myself included. On a busy day, where I can barely find time to prepare or even buy my food, my stomach can’t afford to keep quiet and it would rumble endlessly. Although my tummy would cry, I refuse to eat junk which is pretty much the most accessible type of food everywhere. I try to be as strict as I can with what I eat and follow a high protein – low carb diet. That means eating more meat and cutting of my bread, pasta and rice.

Just randomly, I came across Healthy Options in Greenbelt 5 and saw Universal Proteon (Php 147.00). It has a promising 31 grams of protein in it which caught my attention. Even more, it is double peanut butter flavor. Who doesn’t love peanut butter, right? I tried to squeeze it to have an idea how a bite would feel. With what I felt, I suspected that it would be like chewing on a Mars chocolate bar.

I did not buy it right there and then. I went online and read some reviews about it. I read pretty good reviews saying how much protein you would get from it. They even say that with its size and contents, it could already serve as a meal. Nutritional facts are really good.

Universal Proteon 1

Just yesterday, I went to Healthy Options in SM Megamall. I tried to take a second look and realized that it has 433 calories in it. That gave me second thoughts as I am also trying to shy away from high calories. I am pretty unsure if that amount of calories can be justified with the amount of protein I will be getting from it. I bought two bars, anyway.

The same day, around 8:00PM, I am stuck in an errand and didn’t see any chance of being able to grab a decent dinner. And so I tried my very first Universal Nutrition Hi-Protein Bar.

Univeral Proteon 2

The first few bites were okay. It was tougher and drier than what I expected. Though it says double peanut butter, I my taste buds seem to fail finding that taste. Halfway through, it started to taste really bland and I would not want to finish it anymore. I had to force myself up to the last bite and kept on telling myself that it is protein content that counts. I finished it with a help of few cups of water.

The taste wasn’t really bad at all. However, it wasn’t good for me either which made it difficult to finish. I just had to feel fortunate for buying two bars instead of five which was my original plan. I do not see myself buying this anymore. Not because it won’t do any good for me but only because the product doesn’t taste good for me. I know that trying to keep myself in shape and healthy isn’t an easy road to take. However, I still believe that there’s a much less torturing way than this protein bar. I would just resort back to drinking my whey protein which is much more cheaper and tolerable.

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Kogi Bulgogi, Promenade

Kogi Bulgogi

Starters. Really good starters.

Kogi Bulgogi Bulgogi

Kogi Bulgogi. The meat was a bit tough and taste is okay. I find it too pricey for such a very simple meal and below satisfactory taste.

Kogi Bulgogi Chicken Bibimbap

Chicken Bibimbap. Do not get deceived by the presentation. The wooden box truly made the presentation new to the eyes. However, this one had a lot of rice in it yet very short ingredients. I barely tasted the chicken. It was like eating fried rice. I discourage this order because its pricey and poor in quality.

Overall, with the orders above, I did not really enjoy my first time. I would not bring my friends there unless someone tells me that I just made the wrong orders. One thing that’s nice about this restaurant is the interiors. The place looks clean and pleasing with interesting designs on its innermost wall. The chairs and couch were pretty comfortable, too! What do you think?


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Bizu, Promenade

Bizu Naomi

Naomi Sugarless. Dark chocolate mousse and sugarless milk combination. Sprayed with cacao liqueur. I find it very mild and light.

Bizu Opera

Opera. This one goes with either a cup of coffee or loose tea. It is a sponge cake with coffee butter cream and dark chocolate. This one has very strong taste and I wouldn’t be able to finish one for dessert. Still, you might find this good if you are into the condensed, bitter side of sweetness.

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Banana Leaf, Greenbelt 2


Although Banana Leaf has long been existing, it was my first time to actually try it.

Bananaleaf Baby Back Ribs

This one is the Baby Back Ribs. We were surprised how quick it was served. It’s a good order and will definitely try it again. The meat was partly tender to slightly tough but you’ll never go wrong with the taste! It is also good to partner with rice.

Bananaleaf Pad Thai

Second dish served was Pad Thai Banana Leaf Style. It was really different from a typical Pad Thai. Pad Thai’s I tried usually came with more noodles than veggies and meat. This one was the other way around as you can see in the photo. It had some ingredients on it that were unrecognizable to me. Another good dish.

Bananaleaf Chicken Pandan

This one was supposed to be an appetizer but it was served last. We even made two to three follow-ups for this one. We even planned to cancel this order because we were done eating and already full. Someone said that this is really good so it sortta built our expectations. Sadly, it is just an okay piece for us. Nothing to fancy, actually.

To note, Citibank credit card gave us some discount.

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Outback, Alabang Town Center

Outback Bread

Outback’s free dark brown bread served with butter. The best free bread I had so far. I could stuff myself with this bread alone and feel satisfied! Let me know if you know how this bread is called.

Outback Baby Back Ribs Slow Roasted Prime Rib

Half slab of Baby Back Ribs with fries and Slow Roasted Prime Rib with veggies and mashed potato. As expected, the tenderness and taste was great. I fell in love with the dip that goes with the Slow Roasted Prime Rib. Definitely high quality food but it came with premium price too. Had green mango shake for drinks which also had excellent taste. I find it somewhat difficult to catch the best green mango shake out there but surely Outback’s is one of the leads. Cost me around Php 2,750.00 for everything you see above.

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Burger Bar, Greenbelt 2

Who wouldn’t like to devour this double patty burger, right? Matched with those fries and onion rings, perfection. The patty was so juicy that it was dripping from my hands. And before I forget, throw in a few bottles of beer (kids, with parents’ consent!) to make that dining experience complete. Too had I’m shying away from beer lately.

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