Banana Leaf, Greenbelt 2


Although Banana Leaf has long been existing, it was my first time to actually try it.

Bananaleaf Baby Back Ribs

This one is the Baby Back Ribs. We were surprised how quick it was served. It’s a good order and will definitely try it again. The meat was partly tender to slightly tough but you’ll never go wrong with the taste! It is also good to partner with rice.

Bananaleaf Pad Thai

Second dish served was Pad Thai Banana Leaf Style. It was really different from a typical Pad Thai. Pad Thai’s I tried usually came with more noodles than veggies and meat. This one was the other way around as you can see in the photo. It had some ingredients on it that were unrecognizable to me. Another good dish.

Bananaleaf Chicken Pandan

This one was supposed to be an appetizer but it was served last. We even made two to three follow-ups for this one. We even planned to cancel this order because we were done eating and already full. Someone said that this is really good so it sortta built our expectations. Sadly, it is just an okay piece for us. Nothing to fancy, actually.

To note, Citibank credit card gave us some discount.

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