Back and Triceps 20140504

I felt weak during today’s workout. I went on a buffet lunch so I though I would be getting all the energy I need to go hard on training. Apparently, I felt too heavy even when I was just doing cardio on elliptical for warm-up. My body felt weak, too so I wasn’t able go heavy on weights and just resorted to doing more exercises.

Here is how my workout went:

Lateral Pull Downs 75lbs x 12 x 3
Lateral Pull Downs 2 50lbs ea x 12 x 3
Cable Tricep Extensions 65lbs x 12 x 3
Low Rows 90lbs x 12 x 3
Reversed Butterfly 50lbs x 12 x 5
Low Rows 2 45 x 12 x 3
Overhead Tricep Extensions 15lbs x 12 x 3
Backhand Cable Tricep Extensions 30lbs x 12 x 3

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