8 Cuts – Mall of Asia

A friend and I planned a catch up night in 8 Cuts – Mall of Asia. I did not have any idea that it is a sister company of Burger Bar (which by far, is my favorite burger place) until we reached the place. Everything looks and feels similar with its sister company from the interiors, to the plating, and even to the menu. 8 Cuts - Mall of Asia   We both had The Cheese Burger (Php 195.00) which had 1/4lbs of beef patty and BurgerBar’s original house dressing. We upgraded our meals to throw in a can of Coke Zero and Skinny Fries for Php 90.00. The service was quite fast and the staff were very pleasant, too. Though almost everyone says that it is just similar to Burger Bar, I have to disagree. The patty I had was too oily to the point that oil overpowers the taste of the beef. I don’t remember having the same extreme oily feeling while dining in Burger Bar. Nonetheless, I still recommend this burger place. It’s worth the try!

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